may day give-away

in honor of my grand opening as well as the actual may day {may 1st} i'll be doing a little give away! every purchase made on thursday {may 1st} will get a little freebie clip from me! so take a look around and get ready for thursday!
thank you so much to everyone who has been so kind in helping to "spread the word." i have such good friends & family!
so glad spring is finally here!! happy may day!



KIMMY aka "ki ki" said...

my finger are just twiddling wait for their chance to do their magic--SERIOUSLY those "lemon drop clips are MINE! Great job by the way!

The Houghton's said...

I just LOVE all the work that you do they are so adorable!

Kate said...

Kristen! Such cute designs. I sent them on to my sisters, who both have little girls. I hope things are well. Kate (Olsen Ensign-Lewis :))

allegra said...

so so cute kristen. i'm going to put a link to this blog on my sidebar so my friends can check it out.